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It’s a disruptive global platform that integrates the best of entertainment, rewards, marketplace and monetization, which will reinvent the way you get the benefits from the world of social networks, advertising, mobile applications and cryptocurrencies.

Our mission is to reinventing your navigation and the way you generate your economy.

We invite you to know this very stable project; we are a team dedicated to protect our investors from market fluctuations, giving this token great usability in the real world (travel, gaming, movies, shopping, etc.) generating a global demand. We are working full time to bring our investors and allies great benefits in their own countries, to reach our goal of global scaling we are forming strategic alliances with important companies that operate around the globe.

Monetizes your: Actions, Presence, Decisions and Information.

the Mobile App


It is a secure platform for the family, based on a visual map of your city designed to give you great benefits as you become involved in it; In this application, as you use it in your city you'll be receiving different rewards according to your location and your profile, as well as habits and preferences that will be stored on your daily trips. (Available for iOS & Android); you will monetize in different ways since the first moment that you register your profile, when you see advertisements, answer surveys, play games, etc. more benefits come to you. So get ready to discover a Real game changer, the new way to be able to go to the movies, get great discounts, courtesies, promotional special meals, lodgings, booking, fast food, etc.
To always bring you new advantages, we will carry out interesting strategic alliances with corporate sponsors that will encourage you every day, so you will have more and more benefits strategically oriented according to your habits and interests; and you can edit the layers of information you want to display based on what you're looking for every day (entertainment, stores, services, offers, job offers, etc.).

You can also improve your daily trips with brief comments and experiences with people who have habits and consumption patterns similar to yours.

You can add a geolocation advertising digital sign on the map from your mobile phone, so you have the control to encourage or monetize the people who click to see your advertising with the tokens you decide. These ads will be free and may have several options to implement even interactive augmented reality advertising linked to certain points of the map that you decide (such as the "Pokemon-Go" for companies).

You will monetize your navigation

  • Profile filling
  • See Ads
  • Answer Surveys
  • Refer users
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Bounties
  • Community services
  • Sponsored Tasks

Project Hightlights

Added value for


Create an ad campaign!

The app will be a simple tool to post your ads and design advertising campaigns specifically targeted at the market that you want to reach, already be elected in geographical criteria or those who have the socio-economic characteristics of your interest. You can choose special banners, mobile banners, billboards georeferenced, sponsored targeted surveys, etc. And you will always have the possibility to encourage or monetize the specific user that you want to get tokens.


For an additional payment you could have access to the socioeconomic statistics of the users, either according to the advertising they observed, or depending on a certain geographical area; very valuable information that would have a high cost to obtain it with traditional methods.

For the companies

For companies, we will have available valuable statistical information for decision making, unique in the market, such as qualitative assessments, as well as urban mobility habits in the desired market niche. No more uninformed new openings or blind promotions, now you will be able to know exactly the description of the people who are in a point of specific commercial interest. Ideal to define expansion strategies and outdoor media planning.

Main elements

One of the main elements of the commercial added value of this platform is that we are creating an anonymous database with the profile of individual social mobility of our users, which once we have a large volume (bigdata) will have an important value to obtain intelligence marketing for your clients and finally, connect with other platforms and social networks. At the commercial level, you can send tokens or messages to certain profiles, certain locations and a point in time. All this with the blockchain technology and each user will have access to their profile code, which is unique so that it could be used as a code for any use that wants to give a personal identification.

Added value for


Allocation of Tokens

From the beginning, you will receive a number of tokens depending on the quantity and quality of the data you share in your profile, and also for each referral you will get additional tokens, there will also be paid surveys; and you can always buy additional tokens if you want to complete your goal with credit card, paypal and even with your different cryptocurrencies of your choice, finally an application arrived that will allow you to give real use to your cryptos.

Secure and safety

All the information will be encrypted in a secure and anonymous way under the blockchain technology (at no time will we have your personal identity), and the user will always have a contract for authorizing the type of use and the authorizations granted for safe navigation in the platform. A serious effort is being made to protect intellectual property, copyrights and patents that provide security and protection to this project (name, code, image, algorithms, symbols, etc.)


The additional advantage is that with the tokens that you are saving you can exchange them directly in the mobile application to obtain products and services that you will use in your daily life thanks to our exchange and rewards program, which will include several national companies and global franchises. turning this application into a real opportunity to save real money for your economy.

In This App we will have several input channels: fiat money, deposit Bank, Paypal, Creditcard, as well as with different criptocurrencies, including BTWAY & soon other Utility tokens.

Project Highlights

It is a decentralized App through an international collective of creative industries.

Unique App that will allow you to access popular goods and services with BTC from your mobile.

Unique application that allows you to advertise globally without the need to pay.

Only application that allows you to monetize and make Cashout in cryptocurrency.

Only platform that allows you to mining (minting) from your mobile phone without having to pay.

It is a gateway for new people to enter the world of cryptocurrencies in an easy and friendly way.

It is the only token that you can use it from the moment you receive it.

It is the "Pokemon-Go" of business and entertainment.

You will have a Native Wallet with Exchange on the mobile phone.

You will have access to purchase products, services and professional services with the payment of the tokens within the application.

It is an App designed to promote creative industries focused on entrepreneurs in crypto & Blockchain Startups.

It is the only platform that will allow users of cryptos (anonymous) to reach geographical and demographic scopes.

Tokens can be acquired by surveys, as well as doing sponsored tasks or challenges

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